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GMK Hyperfuse

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Original price $180.00 - Original price $280.00
Original price $180.00
$159.00 - $227.00
Current price $159.00
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Note: This is a Group Buy/Pre-order that closes November 27. These products are already produced and there is no minimum quantity. They will ship to us shortly after the Group Buy ends, estimated arrival early Q1 2024.

GMK Hyperfuse is a classic colorway from Originative Co., now known as TypeMachina. It features striking light blue and purple accents on a smooth, futuristic grey. Give your workspace a futuristic twist with this flashy, yet formal, keycap set.

GMK's renowned manufacturing is on display here, with immaculate doubleshot Cherry profile keycaps in the highest quality ABS. Cherry profile is excellent for typing with its smooth and familiar sculpt to keep you comfortable for hours on end.

We've bundled all of our options with the Base kit included. Separate accent kits are unfortunately not available.

  • Designed by Originative Co./TypeMachina
  • Produced by GMK
  • Doubleshot ABS Plastic
  • Cherry Profile