GMK Lime Keycap Set

Group buy

Designed by kingnestea - GMK Lime brings the classic Lime colorway to the Cherry profile. Enjoy the splash of contrast against the smooth grays and deep green alpha legends. Including enough to fit most boards and then some, the set is rounded out with a set of included novelties that will make your lips pucker.

Note: This product is a group buy and will run from March 15th until April 25th 2019. 

Plenty of modifiers come in a handful of sizes to help fill out those less-standard boards. A spacebar kit has been added to facilitate those trying something a little different.


  • Designed by kingnestea
  • Produced by GMK
  • Doubleshot ABS plastic

Expected delivery: August 2019

base kit:

GMK Lime Base Kit




GMK Lime Extras

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