GMK Merlin Keycap Set

Group buy

Note: This is a Group Buy that launched Aug 8th. It is planned to close on Sept 5th and arrive in December.

Designed by MechMerlin, GMK Merlin touts a colorway reminiscent of tall magician caps of yore. With a star-like yellow and a mystical blue, GMK Merlin brings beautiful contrasting legends to a great deal of boards thanks to its wide base kit coverage and included ISO support!


  • Designed by MechMerlin
  • Manufactured by GMK
  • Cherry Profile
  • ABS Doubleshot


  • Base Kit includes alphas, modifier keys, number pad, and ISO
  • Ortho/40s Kit includes both ortholinear and 40s.

GMK Merlin Kits


Wizardry Kit:

GMK Merlin Wizardry Kit