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GMK Rainy Day

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Note: This a Group Buy launched October 6th and closed Nov 16th. Please check the Weekly Updates page for production status. Pre-orders for extras live now!

As we move from wilderness to brutalist cityscapes, veined with raw materials and practical architecture, we tend to forget Earth’s grasp — until it brushes by us. Weather batters our abodes and hearts. Raindrops, however, bestir life. They wash our souls in lazy-dripping puddles and reflect them back to us.

GMK Rainy Day is a shock of cool droplets; it’s the texture of slick-yet-faded blacktop, full of scents and cascading white noise. Objective meaning is lost behind saturated skies and sheets of dancing water. Even so, there remains a single sensible question to ask.

How do you feel on a rainy day?