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GMK Rainy Day

Group buy

Note: This a Group Buy launched October 6th and closes Nov 16th. Estimated production time is 32 weeks from GMK after close. Novelties are due to be adjusted slightly due to GMK line thickness requirements.

As we move from wilderness to brutalist cityscapes, veined with raw materials and practical architecture, we tend to forget Earth’s grasp — until it brushes by us. Weather batters our abodes and hearts. Raindrops, however, bestir life. They wash our souls in lazy-dripping puddles and reflect them back to us.

GMK Rainy Day is a shock of cool droplets; it’s the texture of slick-yet-faded blacktop, full of scents and cascading white noise. Objective meaning is lost behind saturated skies and sheets of dancing water. Even so, there remains a single sensible question to ask.

How do you feel on a rainy day?