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GMK Shark Bait

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Note: This is a Group Buy that launched November 4th and closed December 13th 2019. Extras available now!

Surf's up with GMK Shark Bait! This set was influenced by Discovery's Shark Week and related oceanic conservation efforts. Using the natural, majestic colors of the shark and its surrounding habitat, Shark Bait makes your keyboard a portrait of what lurks below the surface.

pointy novelties

GMK's Cherry-profile corners and red backgrounds are perfect accents to Shark Bait's sharp novelties. Fins, teeth, and arrows (sharks are always on the move — even when asleep) capture iconic elements of this apex predator. Several colors and a shark profile provide additional customization options.

dogs of the sea

Sharks were called sea dogs until the late 16th century; this moniker is shockingly well deserved. These streamlined lads tend to like back scratches and attention from daring divers. In spite of countless maritime yarns and sensationalized Hollywood stories, sharks rarely harm humans (though they are dangerous animals and should be treated with caution). Some shark species wouldn't even be able to munch on us, in fact.

supporting sharks

Once the group buy closes, we'll adopt a White Shark for the mechanical keyboard community through The Shark Trust. Based in the U.K., The Shark Trust works to conserve Selachimorpha through fishing regulations and campaigns against finning (the practice of removing shark fins on the water without bringing a body back to port), among other activities.
  • Designed by WAVES_D0NT_DIE
  • Doubleshot ABS Plastic
  • Cherry Profile
  • Produced by GMK

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