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GMK Triumph Adler Keycap Set (2015)

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Old neon signs are coveted; their gas impurities impart a unique off-color glow. GMK Triumph Adler keycaps achieve a similar retro mood, evoking computing materials from the 70s and and 80s. These NOS (new old stock) nostalgia bombs are a perfect match for bold desktops and hardware.

community history

In 2015, GMK Triumph Adler was the group buy to watch. Its first run was a learning experience for the community and our favorite German factory. We recently acquired 95 of the resulting sets, still (dis)arranged in their taped bulk storage trays. Our conclusion? Triumph Adler merits a second look.

notorious, but underrated

GMK — likely by accident — created a non-faded approximation of the coveted vintage TA keycap set. This was met with lingering criticism. Expectations for our sample were low with that in mind, but the colorway is actually remarkable!

subsurface scattering

Triumph Adler is known to show backlighting glow, but that isn't a curse. Its unusual custom hues allow ambient light and plastic to interact, resulting in a bold but nuanced appearance. Checking samples in different lighting conditions showed swings in perceived color that cameras simply can't capture. Plastic-clad vintage computers and audio players tend to have similar interactions with light.

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