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Hako Violet Mechanical Switches

Hako Violet Mechanical Switches




The Hako Violet switch is the lightest switch we've developed using our new slider design using a spring weighted at just 50g. Hako switches have a smooth tactile profile resulting in a unique feel that encourages proper touch typing. Hako Violet switches use the lightest spring in the Hako family, making them quite easy to enjoy using. 

To view the force curve for Hako Violets please check out the Comparative Guide to Mechanical Switches by Input Club - Guide Link.

Hako switches are built using the Box switch architecture developed by Kaihua. This new switch style has significantly less wobble than previous switches and has a 25% longer lifespan than Cherry MX style switches. These switches have a very high durability and are IP56 rated. The switches actively push out dust and moisture with each keypress giving them self-cleaning properties.

Note: This item is a pre-order - this lowered price will only be available until April 10th. 


  • 120 Count packs of switches
  • Designed by Input Club
  • Tooling owned by Input Club
  • Hako Violet - Light Weight (50g spring) Tactile Switch (Violet / Lavender Slider)
  • Kaihua Box switch architecture
  • Rated for 80 million keypresses
  • Self-cleaning slider and housing design
  • Through-Hole and SMD LED Compatible

Estimated Fulfillment Date: April 25th.