Hako Violet Mechanical Switches

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Compatibility Note: Box switches may cause cracking in certain aftermarket ABS keycap sets — notably those from GMK. PBT / POM keycaps will not crack, but they may experience stretching. We are investigating the issue.

Hako Violet switches, designed by Input Club, were built based on feedback from the community. Elements from Cherry MX Clear and Topre are combined with a light spring to create a comfortable switch for smooth typists. Precision molds and tooling from Kaihua made the switches last 25% longer than regular MX variants during stress testing. In addition, the bespoke slider design virtually eliminates wobble.

Community enthusiasts Jacob Alexander (HaaTa) and Brandon Muzzin (Over^Kill) designed custom springs and sliders for the Hako line. Hako Violets use a light spring and have a peak tactile point of (approximately) 40 grams. Tactility occurs early in the key press. A 10 gram post-tactile cushion, in the form of a resistance ramp, reduces bottom out harshness.

You can view their force curve in the Comparative Guide to Switches.

Box switches use a square slider design and sealed contacts that provide superior contaminant protection. If liquids or dust somehow penetrate a switch, lower housing vents and a slider drainage port eject the unwanted substances.


  • 36 or 120 switches per pack
  • Light weight: 40 gram tactile point, 50 gram spring
  • Notable tactility
  • Tooling designed and owned by Input Club
  • Kaihua Box switch architecture
  • Rated for 80 million keypresses
  • Self-cleaning slider and housing design
  • Through-Hole and SMD LED Compatible

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