Hexgears Impulse Mechanical Keyboard

Save 11%

The Impulse comes in two flavors, with and without pudding-style keycaps to pair with beautiful RGBs. IP56 water resistance with self-cleaning Kailh BOX switch technology mean the board will survive even the most intense gaming / typing sessions and disasters.

Note: The Impulse Mechanical Keyboard is scheduled to arrive at our warehouse late February. Please join the waitlist to be notified when they're available! Lower launch prices for early buyers!

  • Available in white and RGB backlighting
  • RGB Light Ring
  • Per-key customizable lighting modes
  • Two-shot extra durable PBT keycaps (Pudding & 2-tone)
  • IP56 water resistant design
  • Available in Kailh BOX Brown (Tactile), BOX White (Clicky), and Hako Clear (Heavy Tactile) Mechanical Switches
  • Curved metal mounting plate
  • 2 stage adjustable height feet
  • Weight 918g

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