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Infinity DSA Keycap Set

Infinity DSA Keycap Set



The Infinity Keycap DSA keyset was initially created by Jacob Rus - an extremely knowledgeable keyboard community member who put together great resources such as this profile guide. The set was themed after the plaque placed on the moon by Neil Armstrong during the first moon landing. The view of the Earth from the moon is a serene and beautiful sight, with calming blues from the oceans and crisp whites from the clouds. 

This keycap set comes in several variants, the 60%, the WhiteFox, and the ErgoDox. Here are a list of keyboards each keycap set covers.

60% - Infinity 60% (Alphabet, Hacker, Standard), Poker (2, 3), V60, Anne Pro, Pure, GH60, Sentraq 60%.

WhiteFox - WhiteFox (True Fox, Aria)

ErgoDox - ErgoDox, Infinity ErgoDox