Infinity ErgoDox Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard PCB

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The Infinity ErgoDox PCB — an Input Club design — provides an amazing base for custom cases and projects. Its keys are laid out in columns instead of rows for a natural typing experience. The keyboard is split to help with shoulder comfort. Finally, fully mechanical switches discourage bottom out. In short, the Infinity Ergodox is a better way to type.

Cables are available on a separate page.

Note: This is a group buy — Kono Store is surprised and pleased to bring back the Infinity ErgoDox on an earlier-than-expected timeline. It will close on February 28, 2019. We (conservatively) estimate that Infinity ErgoDox PCBs will arrive at our warehouse in July 2019.

amazing design

The Infinity uses the most advanced ErgoDox PCB to date — it’s ready for complex input tasks of all kinds. This famous split keyboard features dual USB Type C connectors, full N-Key Rollover, programmable keys, and twin LCD screens for layer indication (you can have a remarkable number of custom layers). Both sides can also operate as independent keyboards for gaming or single-handed tasks. Most importantly, the entire keyboard is open source — including its firmware.

open source power

Input Club’s hardware and software are fully open source. They’re available on Github for customization or improvement. This is critical — the ErgoDox is an open source project created by Dominic Beauchamp under a special license. It specifically requires ErgoDox forks (designs) to be open source.


    • PCB only
    • USB 3.0 Type-A to Type-C Connectors
    • Low-latency NKRO, 1000 Hz PC polling rate, 4,500,000 Hz intra-keyboard polling rate
    • PCB, plate, Cherry-style, and Alps-style switch support
    • Designed by Input Club
    • Approved by the original ErgoDox designer, Dominic Beauchamp (Dox), as a solid improvement to its parent open source project

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