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JTK Arctic Doubleshot Keycap Set

by JTK
Sold out

Note: This is a group buy that closed on 11/26. It has moved to pre-order. 

Arctic is the newest offering from JTK, an ambitious injection molding company that started sales in 2014. Its Cherry profile sets (based on original Cherry specs) provide a great alternative to expensive keycaps from other brands. We're happy to offer our first JTK product as a zFrontier proxy.

This appropriately timed seasonal set marks JTK's first use of icon modifiers, a classy substitute for verbose and cumbersome long-form legends. Arctic also features wide compatibility, properly thick plastic (1.5mm with a textured finish), and scooped or barred F + J keys. A variety of novelty keys add a cherry on top — among other options.

Decorate your keyboard with this cool blue set and its cute novelties.


  • Designed by mcnos
  • Cherry profile
  • Doubleshot ABS plastic, 1.5mm thickness
  • Packaged in sorting trays
  • Includes 162 keys


  • ANSI layout (60% / 80% / 100%)
  • Cherry G80-3000, 3494
  • Leopold FC660M / 980M
  • WinKeyLess layout
  • Customized 60% / 65% / 75% / 80% / 100% layouts
  • MX HHKB layout (Duck Viper / Eagle) 
  • No 6U spacebars, No 2u Shift, 1.25u Windows key replaced by Snowflake