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Kailh Speed Switches

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Kailh Speed switches respond fast. They offer a higher activation point than normal switches, reducing the press-distance and time required for inputs. Frankly, it can feel like they're reading your mind. That sensitivity makes Speed switches ideal for gamers and skilled typists.



  • Kailh Speed Bronze Clicky:
    50g Activation / 65g Bottom Out | 1.1mm activation | 3.5mm travel
  • Kailh Speed Copper Tactile:
    50g Activation / 60g Bottom Out | 1.1mm activation | 3.5mm travel
  • Kailh Speed Silver – Linear:
    50g Activation / 70g Bottom Out | 1.1mm activation | 3.5mm travel


  • 10 switches per pack
  • Plate Mount
  • Light resistance: 50 gram manufacturer rated activation point
  • Through-hole and SMD LED compatible
  • Hot-swap compatible (plate mount)
  • Compatible with Cherry MX-mount keycap sets