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KAT Specimen

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Extraterrestrial artifacts, poisonous animals, and man-made hazards are decked out in vibrant colors. To determine their effects, samples are tested under controlled conditions. Are you prepared to study this Specimen?

alien shenanigans

Cattle experiments and flying saucers are core parts of our extraterrestrial mythos. Reports of bright colors and odd symbols punctuate firsthand accounts of alien activity. Probes and tests, however, mark the most disturbing memories from close encounters of the third kind.

Specimen pays lighthearted homage to those mysterious occurrences.

scientific roots

KAT is a refined keycap profile, but it's still new and mysterious to plenty of keyboard enthusiasts. It uses high-grade PBT plastic and dye sublimated legends to endure in harsh conditions, though we can't comment on its exoatmospheric performance. Simple icons accent its bold, spacious key tops and curves. Learn more about the profile here.

In short, it's so nice that aliens might abduct your keycaps. Whether they leave you or your cow behind is a different story.

details and measurements

  • Designed by QQMBR
  • KAT Keycap Profile by Keyreative
  • PBT Dye-sub plastic
  • Keyreative order quantity is based on total units across all kits rather than minimum quantities per kit. This means lighter selling kits are still guaranteed to be manufactured if the set is successful as a whole.
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