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KDS Airborne

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Product: Keycap Set

Note: This was a Group Buy that launched May 10 and closed June 13. Please check the Weekly Updates page for current status of production. Pre-orders for extra stock live now!

$5 of each Keycap Set made was donated to support Ukraine through

This custom-designed keycap set by Slattt and the Kono Designer Series was inspired by the unique Antonov An-225 Mriya cargo aircraft, the world's largest airplane. With only one created, the Mriya (which means “dream” in Ukrainian) was tragically destroyed this year during the Russian invasion. Its dream of flying lives on in this keycap set.

This sky-themed set evokes the deep blue of the stratosphere, the white of clouds, and the sleek gray hull of aircraft. Experience aeronautical inspired novelties and plenty of compatibility, all included in one kit!

We designed KDS with the keyboard community in mind, and have worked hard to get a quick production time, accurate colormatching, and detailed legends. The classic Cherry profile makes them a highly comfortable set for long sessions of typing or gaming. Manufactured using PBT plastic, these durable and textured keycaps don’t absorb oil or get shiny over time, and dye-sub legends ensure long term durability.

Check out the matching accessories from Kono, THOK, and Asero Foundry to complete your set!


  • Designed by Slattt
  • Produced by Kono
  • Full kit including novelties and compatibility keys
  • Reverse dye-sublimated
  • PBT plastic
  • Cherry profile

Aviator Cable

  • Produced by Kono
  • High-speed USB-C to USB-A
  • Smooth threaded GX16 5-pin Connector
  • Nylon weave material
  • Straight half length: 1m
  • Coiled half length (resting): approx. 0.3m
  • Coiled half length (stretched): approx. 0.8m
  • Total length: approx. 2m

THOK Artisan

  • Powder coated aluminum
  • Cherry R1 (Escape row), standard Cherry MX stem
  • White resin infill
  • Multilevel CNC cut design

Asero Foundry Encoder Knob

  • Standard press-fit encoder knob
  • Anodized blue aluminum
  • White enamel infill