Keystone Analog Mechanical Keyboard


The Input Club Keystone Mechanical Keyboard is an unparalleled leap forward in typing and gaming technology. The Keystone combines two new keyboard features — High Definition Analog Control and per-key fast Hall Effect (magnetic) sensing — for supreme performance. Our magnetic switch technology enables near-infinite customization, billion-press durability (20x the industry standard), and analog control benefits for everyone. Full firmware programmability and optional RGB lighting round out its features.

This project represents the future of mechanical keyboards.
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Presenting  Silo Hall Effect Analog Switches

Read Jacob Alexander's article explaining analog Beam Spring Silo Beam switches for more history and technical details!

Input Club and Kailh engineers reinvigorated Hall Effect keyboard switches, an ultra-durable and super smooth switch tech developed in the 1960s, for the Keystone mechanical keyboard. Hall Effect sensors were prohibitively expensive in the past, so they were only used in mission-critical keyboards and devices.

Today, Hall Effect sensors are widely available. They’re used in everything from electric motors to laptop lids — new manufacturing techniques made them affordable. Sensitivity improvements and modern programming knowledge allowed our teams to innovate with Hall Effect; we’re bringing magnetic switches back the right way.

Input Club Silo Switch Advantages

  • Can function for billions of presses vs. millions
  • Extra-smooth feel vs. scratchy contact based switches
  • Programmable analog activation points (200+ levels)
  • Native analog sensing vs. non-native solutions with poor granularity
  • Easy socketless hot-swap vs. hot-swap sockets and finicky metal pins

project status

The Keystone Mechanical Keyboard will premier on Kickstarter later this year. Our team completed a prototype keyboard (see photos) that types using basic firmware, as the analog code is still in development. An earlier proof of concept PCB confirmed functional analog sensitivity. Never-before-seen thick (1.5mm) PBT doubleshot shine-through keycaps in Cherry profile may be used for certain versions of the project. Please join the waitlist to stay informed and receive information about our launch schedule.


  • Mechanical Input Club Silo Switches — magnetic, billion press technology
  • Linear, Clicky, and Tactile Options available
  • 1000 Hz USB polling and NKRO
  • Analog input from all keys — perfect for games or applications
  • Configurable switch activation point for typing comfort or gaming performance
  • Hot-swappable switches without troublesome metal legs or sockets
  • Open Source firmware, fully programmable — custom key assignments, macros, and more
  • Per-key RGB lighting (optional)
  • Dual RGB indicator LEDs (Caps Lock / Num Lock)
  • Elevation angle adjustment (5, 10, and 15 degrees)

Silo switch force curves:

Input Club SILO Control PROTOTYPE

Input Club SILO Command PROTOTYPE