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Kira Stealth Full Metal Upgrade Case

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Brought to you by Heavy Shell, the Kira Stealth metal case is a powerful, subtle upgrade to the underglow-oriented Kira. Its hefty frame provides  serious stability — this keyboard won't budge once it's on your desk.

Assembled Weight: 2.366 kg

You must have an original Kira to use this case as intended. The Kira Stealth metal upgrade case is compatible with the original Kira PCB, its switches, and its keycaps. The lower case, plate, and upper (modular) frame from the original Kira are not compatible with the metal upgrade case.

Shadowy keycaps (not included — available here) are optional. They'll keep your RGB lighting tamed, but not constrained, allowing your modified keyboard to shine in all the right ways.

Note: This is a group buy. It is currently in the manufacturing phase! Please view the Weekly Update page to stay informed.

assembling your upgrade case

You'll need to transfer your original Kira PCB, its switches, and a keycap set to the Kira Stealth metal upgrade case. Instructions are available below.

  1. Remove the keycaps and switches from your original Kira
  2. Follow linked steps 1 through 4 to remove its plate and PCB from the case:
  3. Gently disconnect the internal cable
  4. Remove the PCB from the original plate (3 screws)
  5. Remove the daughterboard from the original lower case
  6. Attach PCB to Kira Stealth plate
  7. Attach Kira Stealth bezel / frame to plate
  8. Install daughterboard and reconnect cable to both assemblies
  9. Align the upper assembly and install screws
  10. Replace switches and keycaps

included items

  • Machined metal case, frame, and plate
  • Cherry-style stabilizers
  • Carrying case

keyboard case details

  • Designed by Heavy Shell, based on original Kira
  • No PCB, switches, or keycaps included
  • Assembled Weight - 2366 grams / 5.2 lb


  • Length: 378.2 mm 
  • Width: 130.25 mm 
  • Front Bezel Height: 21.8 mm 
  • Rear Bezel Height: 40.4 mm

warranty coverage

  • If the PCB or any component is damaged during the disassembly or assembly process, we cannot cover it under warranty
  • Once assembly is complete, if everything is undamaged, the PCB will be covered for the remainder of your original Kira's warranty period
  • We are happy to provide advice and support if issues arise, and repair services may be available in certain circumstances
  • Contact with questions or concerns

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