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Kono Coiled Mix-&-Match Aviator Cables

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Choose a Add 2 for Full Cable: 1 Male (Coiled) and 1 Female
Mix and Match Male and Female cable halves to make a complete USB-C to USB-A cable!
  • Male Mini-XLR Coiled
  • Female Mini-XLR Straight

Combine two color halves to make the perfect coiled aviator cable for your setup! High speed cabling and sophisticated material quality makes them perfect for keyboards, desk accessories, device charging, and more! Use multiple to easily swap keyboards or change between computers and reduce wear on your device ports!


  • High-speed USB-C to USB-A
  • Nylon weave material
  • Straight half length: 1m
  • Coiled half length (resting): approx. 0.3m
  • Coiled half length (stretched): approx. 0.8m
  • Total length: approx. 2m