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Kono Lubricant for Switches & Stabilizers

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Lubricant: GPL 205g0 (5ml)

Note: Due to international liquid shipping restrictions, we can only ship GPL 105 within the United States.

With the ability to smooth over imperfections and dampen sound, lubricant can take a good keyboard and make it great. It's no wonder keyboard influencers use it for every build. Ours comes in an attractive frosted glass jar and an eye-catching stylized wood plastic top.

GPL 205g0 is a grease-based lubricant that should be applied by brush. Arguably the most popular lubricant in the hobby, it works wonders on linear switches, tactile switches, and stabilizers. With linear switches, it adds a buttery feel and hides imperfections. With tactile switches, it reduces the scratchiness of the tactile bump, dampens noise, and provides smoothe travel.

GPL 105 is an oil-based lubricant that can be applied by brush or the bag technique. It's less viscous than 205g0, making it worse choice for linear switches but arguably better choice for tactile switches, as it smooths away imperfections without reducing the strength of the tactile bump. It's also perfect for lubing springs of all types, especially as it can be quickly bag-applied to an entire set of springs.

Note: lubing clicky switches can permanently change their sound and even transform them into tactile switches, and we don't recommend it. You can, however, lubricate their springs to reduce ping without hurting the switch's sound. For that, we recommend GPL 105.


  • Available in two options:
    • Kono Lubricant - GPL 205g0 (5ml)
    • Kono Lubricant - GPL 105 (5ml)
  • Frosted glass jar
  • Stylized wood plastic top with printed Kono logo
  • GPL 105 includes a dropper-style top for clean and easy dispensing

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