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Maxkey Lime Keycap Set- Group Buy

Maxkey Lime Keycap Set- Group Buy


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Lime, a secret ingredient in countless culinary masterpieces, is also a perfect addition to your mechanical keyboard. Designed by kingnestea and produced by Maxkey, Lime is a high profile, glossy, doubleshot ABS keycap set with crisp legends and juicy modifiers. The Maxkey keycaps, which use new tooling and custom legends, cradle your fingertips in a spherical profile. 

Note: This group buy closed on November 14th at Midnight PST. 

Lime, after a premiere this summer, has been ordered hundreds of times in Europe and Asian markets. This group buy offers the set worldwide. Input Club was approached by kingnestea after prestigious group buy runner jchan94, who had initially planned on releasing the set, had to take a temporary break for personal reasons. Our newly developed logistics chain, which was put in place for WhiteFox fulfillment, will allow us to quickly produce and deliver Maxkey Lime.

This is the first community group buy that we have orchestrated for another designer since forming Kono. We will ensure that our community partners, including designers, are compensated fairly. Quick delivery to backers is also a priority.  Funds from this group buy will be used for initial tooling and keycap set production.

Once ordering ends, production will begin. We plan to produce the set in late October. If things proceed according to our schedule, fulfillment for US orders should begin by Early January. During this month we will be coordinating shipment from Maxkeys to our facility in the USA and checking to make sure the sets have been produced to specifications. 


  • Doubleshot ABS Plastic
  • SA Profile
  • Produced by Maxkey
  • Designed by kingnestea
  • Includes all keycaps shown below (No keyboard is included with this Group Buy)



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