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Maxkey Lime Keycap Set

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Lime, a secret ingredient in countless culinary masterpieces, is a perfect addition to your mechanical keyboard. Designed by kingnestea and produced by Maxkey, Lime is a high profile doubleshot ABS keycap set with crisp legends and juicy modifiers. This keycap set uses new tooling, a sandblasted finish, and custom legends to cradle your fingertips in its spherical profile.

set history

Lime's premiere generated massive international interest. This new, limited production run ships worldwide. Input Club worked to release the set with kingnestea after prestigious group buy runner jchan94, who had initially planned on handling the GB, chose take a temporary break for personal reasons.


  • Doubleshot ABS Plastic
  • SA Profile
  • Produced by Maxkey
  • Designed by kingnestea
  • Includes keycaps shown below (no keyboard included)

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