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NightFox Mechanical Keyboard

NightFox Mechanical Keyboard



The NightFox is the darker, more mysterious cousin of the WhiteFox Mechanical Keyboard. Identical in every way but color, the NightFox has dark black primary keycaps and deep red accents that contain just a hint of orange. The case, plate, and screws are a dark anthracite coal color, all carefully color matched. The NightFox will be made available as a kit, unassembled and without switches, or fully assembled with a variety of mechanical keyswitches.

The NightFox premiered on Kickstarter - but no announcement has been made as to its future availability. To get the latest information on the NightFox, join the pre-order waitlist above. The NightFox, like the WhiteFox, is fully programmable, open source, and designed by Matteo Spinelli. It has a fully aluminum frame, a detachable USB Type C connector, and mechanical keyswitches. To program your NightFox, please follow the same instructions as on the WhiteFox page, or visit the Input Club website to access the keyboard configurator. 


  • Fully Programmable Keys
  • Durable PBT Keycaps
  • Aluminum Body
  • Perfect Compact Layout
  • Open Source Hardware
  • USB Type C Connector