SA Calm Depths Keycap Set

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Originally designed by CalmB4tehPwn - Calm Depths is a relaxing colorway with deep blues and subdued greys. Produced by Maxkey in a doubleshot SA Profile - this set looks perfect on a silver or dark framed mechanical keyboard.

Note: The Group Buy will start on March 7th and will close on April 12th. Expected shipping is around July. Promotional price available only during Group Buy.

Calm Depths has coverage over a wide variety of mechanical keyboards including the WhiteFox and Kira. The blue and greys used in Calm Depths provide a good level of contrast for visibility, while being a much quieter design than many other sets. The thick, distinct legends pair perfectly with the tall sculpting of SA.


  • Doubleshot ABS Plastic
  • SA Profile
  • Produced by Maxkey



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