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SA Royalty Keycap Set

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Keyset: Base

Note: This was a completed group buy that has since sold out.

SA Royalty’s iconic colorway, conceived by the first time keycap artist ye_cole and manufactured by Maxkey, draws colors from diverse sources. Its primary visual inspiration is The Royal Tenenbaums, a critically acclaimed Wes Anderson film set in an atemporal rendition of New York City. Royalty also borrows from sepia-toned photographs and traditional Japanese temples.

We think the set brings to mind a Will Ferrell-esque vision of the 1970s, including its computer industry. Shades of red were liberally applied to mainframe panels and suits alike.

“He had a keyboard that could make a wolverine purr and keycaps so fine they made Apple look like a hobo.” — Almost A Quote From The Anchorman Narrator

M0110 Render Credit - janglad_

pantone colors

  • Alphas: 491 C
  • Mods: 504 C
  • Accents: 7413 C
  • Legends: 7499 C