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Seaside Keycaps by LeleLabs

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Inspired by 1980s South Beach, the Seaside Keycap Set inhabits a world of neon lights, palm trees, and a permanently setting sun. Shades of seafoam green, sunset pink, and golden sand comprise the legends. Decorate your keyboard with a collection of novelties, including clinking wine glasses, a deserted island, and a spacebar-wide beach scene. Beach lovers, this is your happy place. 

These shine-through keycaps allow the RGB lighting of your keyboard to brighten your entire board, offering better illumination and spectacular color effects. The set offers a variety of keys for many different keyboard layouts like ANSI, ISO UK, full-size, TKL, 60%, and more. 

Each key is made of durable and resistant ABS plastic that’s rated to withstand millions of keystrokes. The set is molded with a sculpted Cherry Profile, the tried and true community favorite allowing you to type and game comfortably for extended sessions.

board support

  • Full size, TKL, 80%, 60%, 65%, 75%, 96%, 980
  • Alice
  • Split space support


  • Manufacturer: LeleLab
  • Material: ABS
  • Translucent shine-through keycaps 
  • Cherry profile
  • UV thermal legends

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