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Skog Lite Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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The Skog Lite kit (shown with SA Symbiosis keycaps) builds on experience from previous Percent Studio projects, like the Canoe and the Skog, to create a highly competitive plateless mechanical keyboard. Its one piece bottom case and meticulously crafted upper frame provide a striking all-metal profile. The available colors are also exceptional.

Note: This group buy is closed and moving toward production. We'll post information on the weekly update page as it becomes available.

striking colors

Percent Studios is offering the Skog Lite in Red, Blue-Black, Electrophoresis White, Gray, Black, and Atrovirens Green. Its rich shades and refined textures result in a matte-metallic appearance that is simply stunning. Your typing experience will match its aesthetic — comfort was a primary concern in the Skog Lite design.

pcb-mount comfort

Plateless mechanical keyboards rely on PCB mounted switches. Carefully placed PCB supports allow the circuit board to flex slightly while typing, preventing harsh bottom outs. Plate-based designs (particularly steel ones) tend to be much stiffer. We recommend sampling both variants at mechanical keyboard meetups, as that will help you to determine your personal preference.

Percent emphasized that the Skog Lite has a unique personality — support its simple and powerful design by joining the group buy.


  • Mini-USB Type B port
  • Through-Hole LED support
  • 7u and 6.25u space bar support, ANSI + ISO
  • Bootmapper Firmware
  • Atmega32 MCU

measurements (without switches / caps)

  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Dimensions: LxWxH 365x148x31 mm