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Solarized Dark Keycap Set

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Check out KDS Solarized Dark!

Inspired by the famous color scheme from text editors and terminals originally designed by Ethan Schoonover, the cold dark blue keys are accented by comfortably contrasting legends. With optional colored modifiers, this set springs to life, bringing a beautiful rainbow to your keyboard. This easy-on-the-eyes set is sure to impress even the least keycap-curious of your friends and family.

  • Designed by Thesiscamper, Gatix, & Rainb1ood
  • Unannounced sculpted spherical Profile


Base Kit:

Base Kit

Extended Modifiers Kit:

Extended Modifiers Kit

Accent and Vim Kit:

Accent and Vim

Numpad Kit:

Numpad Kit

ISO Kit:


Accent and Spacebar Kit:

Accent and Spacebar Kit

Colorized Mods Kit:

 Colorized Mods Kit

ErgoDox / Plank Kit:

ErgoDox and Plank Kit

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