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Star Wars Galactic Empire DSA Keycap Set

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DSA Galactic Empire commemorates the peak of Emperor Palpatine’s grand machinations with Imperial symbols and Aurebesh letters. Two keycap set variants are available. One features Full Aurebesh lettering and the other offers Aurebesh with English Sublegends.

Note: Galactic Empire extras are available while supplies last. All group buy orders without other pre-order items have been fulfilled.

experience the power of the dark side

Darth Vader, the Imperial Crest, and the full mechanized might of the Imperial Military are iconic. Each villainous moment of screen time felt more awesome, and more believable, than that of any other science fiction faction in cinema history. For the first time ever, you can bring officially licensed Star Wars imagery to your mechanical keyboard — including a red lightsaber.

aurebesh legends

Galactic Basic, commonly understood to be English, is written with the Aurebesh alphabet. NovelKeys translated it to DSA keycaps for an authentic Star Wars keyboarding experience. You can choose from all-Aurebesh legends or Aurebesh-English legends. Note that letters / words are called legends when applied to keycaps.

star lore

The newly-created Empire was virtually unchallenged as it policed hyperspace lanes and implemented autocratic policies throughout its sectors. Gigantic Star Destroyers and their Stormtrooper garrisons were quickly deployed to suppress resulting discontent, but proved inadequate in the vastness of space. Taxpayer-funded superweapons projects — suggested by Moff Tarkin as a way to quell such dissent — resulted in the Death Stars.

The unprecedented moon-sized battlestations represented a tenet of Imperial military doctrine: rule through fear of force rather than force itself. Maintaining a naval presence large enough to repel Rebel attacks at every planet would have bankrupted the Empire. Keeping the galaxy in line with a mobile planet-killer would (in theory) minimize military costs and deter resistance, as assisting the Rebellion could result in complete destruction. Like many great plans, things went differently in practice...

forged from cortorsis and phrik

PBT plastic is the keycap market-equivalent of the most durable materials in the Star Wars universe. It shrugs off wear, resists finger oils, and doesn’t discolor like cheaper plastics. PBT also offers a dry texture that will please your fingertips.

dye-sublimated printing

Each letter is intended to last. Sublimation is a special process that uses superheated dye, which penetrates deeply into plastic, to create images. The resulting high-contrast legends are nearly impossible to wear off with normal use.

keyboard compatibility

DSA Galactic Empire uses a uniform profile that fits on Cherry MX-mount switches (Kailh, Gateron, Cherry MX, and more). That means keycaps can be used in any location that accommodates their dimensions — they don’t need to be in a particular row. DSA profile opens up a ton of compatibility options for mechanical keyboards that have nonstandard bottom rows, like Razer and Corsair models. Please review the product images to check for compatibility and coverage.

made in the USA

Signature Plastics is a family owned company in the United States. The mechanical keyboard community selects Signature Plastics for projects on a regular basis due to its quality and credentials. NovelKeys and Kono Store are proud to source this product domestically.

product information

  • Officially Licensed 
  • PBT Dye-Sublimated Keycaps
  • Manufactured by Signature Plastics
  • Color Codes - RAA, GQT, WAN
  • DSA Profile 
  • MX Compatibile
  • 157 Keycaps

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