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VE & C11 - Micro Monitor & Macro Pad by Cary_Works

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C11 Macro Pad does not come with switches or keycaps. Please see our switch and keycap collections. For reprogramming C11, download the C11 VIA JSON and use VIA.

VE - Display

VE, or Viewedge, is a fully functional mini display. Connect by HDMI to compatible devices for a great conversation piece and explore some of the many uses:
  • Electronic photo album
  • Video player
  • Performance monitoring
  • Clock & Weather
  • Reminders & Calendar
  • Decoration

C11 - Macro Pad Keyboard

The C11 is based on the M0110, the keyboard that came with the original Macintosh, and is a tribute to the original Mac in the same style as the viewedge (another of the author's design). The design takes into account the current aesthetic and creates a more practical, ultra-mini keyboard. Cary_works is a custom keyboard studio from China whose tribute series (the DCR keyboard to IBM and the VC mini-monitor to Apple M0001) have gained good sales and reputation for their design and workmanship.

ViewEdge Details

  • Super Mini Size Monitor
  • Inspired by the original Macintosh
  • High Quality OLED Screen
  • Copper base counterweight and nameplate 
  • Packaged in an Ammunition Style Box 
  • Designer: Cary Works

ViewEdge Specifications

  • Screen Type: AM-OLED
  • Screen Size: 3.81
  • Resolution: 1200*1080, 423PPI
  • Pixel arrangement: vertical RGB strip arrangement
  • Color gamut: 100% sRGB
  • Frame rate: 90Hz
  • Overall Dimensions: 93mm*100mm*105mm
  • Power Interface: USB Type-C
  • Signal Interface: Standard HDMI
  • Materials Used: 
    • Aluminum Parts: 6063 Aviation-Grade Aluminum
    • Copper Parts: C36700 Brass
  • Surface Finish: 
    • Copper Parts: Transparent plating, anti-oxidation
    • White Parts: EP-White
  • Compatibility: Intel Core Graphics, Nvidia & AMD graphics, MAC/WIN OS 
  • NOT Compatible: AMD Core Graphics, PS, XBOX, NS and other host devices
  • Produced by ALE

C11 Keyboard Details

  • Ultra-mini Hot-Swap Keyboard
  • Inspired by the Apple M0110 
  • Items Included: Case, PCB, 3U Satellite Shaft Wire
  • Packaged in an Ammunition Style Box 
  • Designer: Cary Works
  • Please Note: The C11 does not include switches or keycaps. Check out our switch and keycap collections.

C11 Specifications

  • Overall Dimension: 138mm*64mm*25mm
  • Typing Angle:  7°
  • Materials Used:
    • Case: 6062 Aluminum
    • Name Plate: C36700 Brass
  • Surface Finish:
    • Case: EP (electrophoresis) Black/EP White
    • Name Plate: PVD
  • Interface: USB Type-C
  • Hot-swap switch sockets
  • PCB: QMK compatible/VIA support
  • Battery Capacity: 800mAH
  • Bluetooth: 5.0 (can switch between 2 connected devices)
  • Lighting: RGB
  • PCB Satellite Shaft
  • Produced by ALE

C11 Blank Name Plate

  • Made of C36700 Brass

C11 Hotswap PCB Layout: