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Zoom65 Essential Edition V2 - GT Silver Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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The Meletrix Zoom65 V2 Mechanical Keyboard is a DIY kit with cutting-edge features: wired + wireless connectivity, a customizable knob, and gasket mounting. The kit includes everything you need except the switches and keycaps of your choice. Version 2 includes incredible new upgrades like per-key RGB backlighting, sleeve gaskets, and TPU-enhanced stabilizers. 

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The Zoom65 V2 uses a gasket isolation mount structure for a cushioned and bouncy feel that won't fatigue your fingers even after hours of typing. The gasket sleeves, made of supercritical foam, stabilize the plate while still giving it room to flex in a balanced, intuitive way. Lighter PORON foam material in the PCB and bottom case paired with denser foam in the holes creates a sound that is deeper, more concentrated, and more satisfying than normal dampeners.

Whether you use Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android  connect up to three devices at a time with wired + wireless connectivity. Use the included cable to charge the battery or to use the keyboard in wired mode if that's your preference. Get your freedom back with the 2250mAh Li-ion battery, which lasts around 6-8 weeks between charges under normal use. Use VIA software to remap any key, create layers, customize the knob, use powerful shortcuts and macros, or define your own! Thanks to its hot swap switch sockets, assembly and customization is a breeze. 


Note: These keyboard kits do not include Keycaps or Switches.

  • Zoom65 V2 top and bottom aluminum cases
  • Knob & Weight of buyer's choice from 14 options
  • Hot-swap, multi-layout Bluetooth PCB
    • Compatible with VIA, ESD protected. Can be used in wired or wireless mode
  • Daughter board and JST cable
  • Polycarbonate Plate
  • Gasket Sleeves
  • Set of WS Stabilizers V3
  • 2250 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Coiled USB-C cable
  • Poron dampener kit
  • Silicone keyboard feet
  • Screws and other installation tools and accessories
  • Storage case


  • Gasket mount design
  • 66 keys
  • 65% layout
  • PCB: 1.2mm, with Ai03 DB
  • 6.5° Typing angle
  • 20mm front height
  • Finish treatment: nano-coating, nano coated
  • Default plate: Polycarbonate Plate
  • Bluetooth PCB polling rate in wired mode: 1000hz
  • Bluetooth PCB can be used in wired or wireless mode
  • Per-key RGB
  • Encoder Knob
  • VIA programmable
  • Compatible OS: Windows/iOS/Linux
  • Connectivity: USB-C Bluetooth 5.0
  • Charge time: 5 hours