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Kono DS108 Keycap Set (PBT Doubleshot Shine-Through)

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These beautiful shine-through PBT keycaps are doubleshot with the crispest legends to ensure some stunning backlighting! In the classic Cherry profile, these lightly textured caps take your favorite full-size or TKL keyboard to the next level. Perfect for long typing or gaming sessions into the night, with a fantastic hand feel. Free yourself from the inevitable shine of ABS caps and experience with this incredibly durable and oil-resistant material!


  • Contains 108 PBT doubleshot keycaps (Fullsize coverage + "Cal", volume up, down, and mute icon legends)
  • Shine-through legends for backlight enhancement
  • Cherry profile / Cherry stem
  • Keycaps only, keyboard sold separately
    (Keyboard pictured: Hexgears Impulse)