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DSA Arcane - Plague Keycap Set

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DSA Arcane and DSA Plague, a doubleshot double feature, bring elements of World of Warcraft’s Eastern Kingdoms to life beneath your fingertips. Specialized magework and undead environments inspired by WoW were translated into evocative legends by a team of designers comprising Oblotzky and his artistic friend Gregor. Also contributing to the set were famed keyset designers engicoder, t0mb3ry, and MiTo.

DSA Arcane is based on the Arcane Mage class specialization. Its rich, contrasty purple tone blends with traditional mage blue to cast a spell on keyboard enthusiasts. Each novelty key is designed to emulate an important cooldown icon or gameplay element.

DSA Plague draws from darker pools of mana. Necromantic Plaguelands inspire its biohazard-green and graphite color scheme, which alludes to shrouded chthonic secrets. Its atmospheric nature brings different, and sinister, meaning to each novelty key in the set.

Both keycap sets come with a wide variety of novelties and alternate key sizes to minimize order costs and confusion. They cover almost every modern enthusiast keyboard layout. WhiteFox (short right shift, small backspace), Tsangan (7u space bar, 1.5u modifiers), and many other popular keyboard layouts.


  • Designed by Oblotzky and Gregor
  • Doubleshot ABS plastic
  • DSA profile
  • Designed by several community members
  • Includes the keycaps shown below (no keyboard is included)
  • Produced by Signature Plastics

Kono is proud to support keyboard artists, designers, and engineers. If you have an idea, or know someone who might want to work with us, please get in touch!

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