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GMK Camping Keycap Set

GMK Camping Keycap Set




Note: This is an group buy. We are collecting orders now, but the product will not ship until the estimated date of May 15th, 2018.

GMK Camping is a doubleshot ABS keycap set inspired by Monkey Six from the Camp Team China, designed by kingnestea, rendered by Oblotzky and thesiscamper and produced by GMK. This set was produced to commemorate the anniversary of SA Camping, an extremely popular and rare colorway. The colors chosen are earthy tones mixed with crisp leafy greens, to properly convey the spirit of the outdoors.

This is a very large keyset with a wide variety of special novelties, including a translucent campfire key. GMK Camping should cover nearly all modern enthusiast keyboard layouts and it includes both the short right shift and small backspace needed for the WhiteFox, the 7u spacebar and wide (1.5u) modifiers found in a Tsangan kit, as well as an ISO Enter and both stepped and windowed Caps Lock.

Special Group Buy Note: If sufficient people purchase this keycap set - all participants will be credited $10 for the base kit and $5 for the spacebar set.


  • Doubleshot ABS Plastic
  • Cherry Profile
  • Produced by GMK
  • Designed by Monkey Six
  • Includes the keycaps shown below (No keyboard is included with this Group Buy)

Alternate Spacebar Kit 

(Not included in Base Kit)

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