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Infinity ErgoDox Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

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The Infinity ErgoDox — an Input Club design — is an ergo mechanical keyboard built to meet the needs of the human body. Its keys are structured in vertical columns instead of horizontal rows, which better suits how your fingers and hands work. The keyboard is split into two halves so that people with different shoulder widths can type naturally. Its switches are fully mechanical to discourage “bottom out,” a common issue with standard keyboards. The Infinity ErgoDox is, quite simply, a better way to type.

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Note: This is a group buy — Kono Store is surprised and pleased to bring back the Infinity ErgoDox on an earlier-than-expected timeline. It closed on February 28, 2019. Current pre-orders are claiming incoming extra stock. Stay up to date with production status on the Weekly Update page.

advanced design

The Infinity is the most advanced ErgoDox design to date — it’s ready to tackle extreme input tasks like gaming and programming. This popular split keyboard features USB Type C connectors, N-Key Rollover across both halves, fully programmable keys, and special LCD screens for layer indication (you can have a remarkable number of custom layers). Each side is capable of independent operation, so one-handed use is possible. Most importantly, it leverages the power of the open source community.

open source advantage

Input Club’s hardware and software are fully open source. They’re available on Github for customization or improvement. This is critical — the ErgoDox is an open source project created by Dominic Beauchamp under a special license. It specifically requires ErgoDox forks (designs) to be open source.

pick a flavor

The Infinity ErgoDox is available in two forms — Kit or Assembled. This Assembled version comes fully soldered and ready to type out of the box. The Kit version requires case assembly and switch soldering. Infinity ErgoDox PCBs support plate-mounted switches, PCB-mounted switches, Cherry MX-style switches, and Alps-style switches (which are also supported by the plate, though keycaps can be tough to find).

Blank, black DSA profile MX-mount keycaps are optional for the Kit version.

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  • Pre-assembled (Also available as a Kit)
  • USB 3.0 Type-C to Type-A Cables (2)
  • Low-latency NKRO, 1000 Hz PC polling rate, 4.5 million Hz intra-keyboard polling rate
  • Cherry-style Stabilizers; no Costar stabilizer support
  • PCB-mount, plate-mount, Cherry-style, and Alps-style switch support
  • Black, blank PBT keycaps in DSA profile
  • Designed by Input Club
  • Approved by the original ErgoDox designer, Dominic Beauchamp (Dox), as a solid improvement to its parent open source project
  • 1 year limited warranty

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