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KDS Led Zep Keycap Set

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From tender melodies and intricate rhythms, to shrieks of feedback and thundering toms, no band is better described by the word zeppelin. As one music critic pointed out, their sound perfectly captures "the combination of heavy and light, combustibility and grace." The KDS Led Zep keycap set pays homage to this classic band's eternal legacy. 

To keep you from suffering a communication breakdown, this set offers an unmatched variety of keys for the most popular (and niche) board layouts: ANSI, US-ISO, Winkeyless, 1800, 65%, 75%, 96-key, FC660, Minivan, JD40/45, Panck/Preonic, Minorca, HHKG, Atreus/62m and more.

Thanks to the set's classic Cherry profile, each row has a familiar sculpt, allowing you to comfortably and easily feel out the keys as you type. The durable and shine-resistant PBT plastic keycaps are rated for millions of keystrokes. The dye-sub legends are resilient to wear and tear, and they're "invisible" to the touch for a smooth typing experience that'll keep you rambling on. 


  • Designed by thesiscamper
  • Produced by Kono
  • Full kit including novelties and compatibility keys
  • Reverse dye-sublimated
  • PBT Plastic
  • Cherry profile