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Kono Deskmats


GMK Yugo Deskmat Group Buy live until Dec 18th! 

GMK Ursa Deskmat Group Buy live until Jan 6th!

GMK High Voltage Deskmat Group Buy launches Dec 12th!

GMK Fuyu Deskmat Group Buy launches Jan 6th!

Deskmats are the visual foundation that keyboards and accessories rest on — they're the perfect way to complete an aesthetic. Featuring custom artwork matched with designer keycap sets, Kono Community Deskmats are the ideal way to finish your battlestation's look.

spacious and well-engineered

Measuring at nearly 3 ft (L) by 1.25 ft (W), these deskmats are big enough to set a keyboard, mouse, and USB hub on with significant room to spare. Like the keycap sets they pair with, these are intended to be functional art. The edges are carefully stitched to avoid fraying and the surface has a nice texture, ideal for any mouse. The bottom is rubberized to prevent slipping, making sure your mat won't move around your desk.

match your designer keycap set

Our community deskmat collection will feature designs from elite keycap set group buys like KAT Oasis, GMK Hero, GMK Yugo, GMK Ursa, and GMK Umbra.

measurements and details

  • Designed by the Community and Kono!
  • 3 ft. (900 mm) x 1.25 ft. (400 mm)
  • 1/10th inch (3 mm) Thickness
  • Long-lasting, fade resistant printing
  • Non-slip rubberized bottom
  • Durable stitching
  • Enhances keyboard acoustics
  • Reduces desk and accessory wear