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Heavy Shell Barix RGB — TKL Hot-Swap Full-Metal Mechanical Keyboard

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Heavy Shell created the royalty-red Barix RGB as a throne for your hands and a fortress for your fingertips. Their team is launching high-quality keyboards at reasonable prices, and this is the next step in that legacy.

1.77 kg / 3.9 lbs

built like things should be

In the past, planned obsolescence and cheap materials were virtually unheard of. Things were meant to last — just think about the intricate woodwork and weighty designs found in historical estates everywhere. Heavy Shell used a CNC machined aluminum case and steel plate in the Barix RGB to ensure lasting stability on your desk.

high class color

Rich shades of red have been a mainstay in palaces, heirlooms, and well-tailored clothes since the correct pigments were discovered. In some cultures and locales red was forcibly reserved for the powerful. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Many desktop battlestations would be incomplete without a full palette. Heavy Shell chose a luxurious shade of red for the Barix RGB, its first tenkeyless keyboard, because its angular design evokes timeless performance and vitality.

The black color version was added for a more subtle color scheme, which comes with the same red accented keycap set. However, we do no currently have a physical sample, so unfortunately there are no product images for this variant. It will be produced with a black anodization similar to the NightFox.

durable dyesub keycaps

The Barix RGB includes thick Cherry profile keycaps with dye sublimated legends (letters). The classic profile, red-accented colorway, and clean lines contribute to its top tier appearance — one influenced by numerous expensive custom keyboards from enthusiast forums.

rgb backlighting

RGB backlighting adds subtle flair to the Barix RGB. Numerous modes will be present upon release.

long-lasting mechanical switches

Hako Clear, Hako Violet, and Kailh Box White switches are available in the Barix RGB. Input Club's Hako switch line combines Topre and Cherry MX Clear force curves for a gentler typing experience. Kailh Box White switches use a proprietary click bar mechanism that offers a sharp tactile bump and well-defined click. Hako and Box switches are rated for 80 million presses — way above industry standard. They also offer excellent key stability and self-cleaning components due to their shared underlying architecture.

With the addition of hot-swap switch sockets, the Barix is everything you want from a luxury keyboard.

keyboard features

  • Designed independently by Heavy Shell
  • CNC machined aluminum frame and steel plate
  • PBT dye sublimated keycaps
  • Multi-mode RGB backlighting
  • Hot-swap sockets
  • Tenkeyless layout
  • USB C port with USB C to USB A cable
  • N-Key Rollover (NKRO)


  • Weight: 1.77 kg / 3.9 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14" L x 5.25 D x 1.5 H

switch options

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